A cluster of your favourite colours, a birthstone pendant, or a deceptively simple pearl necklace with elegant briolettes trailing down the back. Each Dapple & Bay necklace is one-of-a-kind.

Pearl and aquamarine front/back necklace

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Cluster necklace with smoky quartz, tourmalinated quartz, prehnite and garnet

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Single stone necklaces in amethyst and garnet

"...the height of sophistication is simplicity."

– Clare Booth Luce –

Matte mixed amazonite ‘Planet’ bar necklace on faux suede string

Pearl and rutilated quartz front/back necklace

Cluster necklace in smoky quartz, white labradorite, moonstone and garnet

Amethyst and pearl front/back necklace 

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Labradorite and pearl front/back necklace

Rose quartz, tourmalinated quartz and pearl front/back necklace

Smoky quartz and pearl front/back necklace

Front/back necklaces with pearls, and white labradorite or labradorite

Peach and grey moonstone,  and pearl front/back necklace

Pearl and gemstone front/back necklace

Front/back necklace with smoky quartz and pearl

Cluster necklace with moonstone, amethyst, rose quartz and garnet